Using the JavaScriptLibrary.js API you'll be able to experience coding advantages unlike any you have known. Zero problems, increased efficiency, number one programming forever.

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In case it's not entirely clear, this is a fake project. But it's a real website template you can use! Here it is on CodePen for your forking or downloading pleasure.


JavaScriptLibrary.js is available on npm, so you can:

npm i javascriptlibrary --save-dev
# or
yarn add javascriptlibrary

Then use it in your JavaScript like:

import library from "JavaScriptLibrary";

Or you can load it from a CDN like:

<script src=""></script>

Which gives you a library global.

Getting Started

Now you can use this earth-shattering library.

library.add(2, 2);
// 4

library.subtract(100, 20);
// 80

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Practical Usage

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library.add(1, 7);

It can take any number of parameters.

library.add(7, -2, 14);


library.subtract(18, 1);

It can take any number of parameters and subtracts all but the first from the first.

library.add(1, -2, 1478621);


library.multiply(5, 8);

It can take any number of parameters.

library.multiply(8, "3e2", 100);


library.divide("this country", "in half 🤕");